Jonah Senzel

Composition, New Media, Interactive Arts



Pausa, 2019

An interactive audiovisual piece based around the real time construction of a musical piece by the participant

Seasons, 2019

A collection of interactive minimalist digital poems centered around unseen miniscule interactions in nature

Music for Wandering, 2019

A long form musical piece to accompany the act of dèrive, drifting, or urban wandering

Transformation, 2017

A video processing algorithm that reconstructs source footage, creating a parallel work that is only marginally recognizable but shares core visual principles

transformed output of this sample source

Untitled Piece for Webcam, 2017

an experimental collaboration with New Media artist Kaitlin Benitez, using a webcam and embedded electronics to autonomously capture and upload exterior nature time lapses


Opinion Pieces

Creative Output Experiments

"Deadlines", 2019 (ongoing)

artifical deadlines

"Time Sheets", 2019 (ongoing)

20 minute time logs

"Saturday Writing", 2019 (ongoing)

a collection of writings

"6 Games 6 Weeks", 2019

a game a week for 6 weeks

"The Summer Project", 2017

creativity tracking for a summer


The best way to contact me is by email at [email protected] ... (that's it) ... (I don't like contact forms)